Medicare Advantage Plans – Compare

Compare plans 2021You may have heard a friend applying for a Medicare Advantage plan policy, and you wonder what is in it? Should you apply for this Advantage Plan as well? Before going any further, it is good to know what it can offer for you and what it can’t. Getting to know a plan is important as you never know what medical situations you will get caught in. There may be things you would like to be covered just in case. It is good to compare Medicare Advantage plans and be informed as well as aware of your choices after all. Medicare Plan G can be confused with Medicare Part G plan but they both mean the same thing

To get access to Plan G, you must be qualified for Original Medicare and should be 65 years old and above. These are the basic criteria for applying regardless of the plan you choose.

Medicare Part G plan or the Medicare Advantage plan covers the gaps left by the basic Medicare in relation to supplementary expenses. It enhances you cover with Medicare. Plan G gives you coverage for excess fees, deductibles, co-payments and many more. It includes three pints of blood coverage as well as for foreign travel exchange. There is only one item not covered by Plan G and that is the Medicare Part B deductible. This exclusion does not cost a lot and not covering for it makes its premium much affordable compared to other plans covering for this particular exclusion. It is a good deal when you only shed out little out of pocket fee but still enjoy a high level of coverage.

Considering it’s a high value plan, it is still priced competitively among private insurers. Any senior who requires close medical attention but not in a great financial disposition for high premiums can certainly find value in this plan. Price range is one factor to consider but so is the level of coverage you need. It is all about assessing your needs and finances to help you determine the appropriate plan.

Because of its many advantages, we strongly recommend Plan G to many of our seniors out there. You are ticking off all the boxes including level of coverage and affordability. However, this would ultimately still depend on your health requirements and finances. It will not be practical decision if you do not assess your situation first. Also, taking time to compare different plans among different insurance providers allows you to fully decipher that a specific plan from a specific company is the most cost-effective plan you can find. Your needs may change and so are the rates of the plans throughout the years. Feel free to reassess your situation every end of the term and see if you need to do plan changes. Based on what we have discussed, Medicare Part G plan or the Medigap Plan G has a lot of potential to help you save money in premiums whilst getting a great coverage.