Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison Chart 2021

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Not everyone knows that traditional Medicare doesn’t cover out of pocket spending. If you want a comprehensive plan, you can include a supplement plan. This will help you cover most of your out of pocket expenses. This usually possesses a lot of challenges for most people. Choosing the right plan becomes a daunting challenge.

Not to worry we have provided you with a free Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison Chart for 2021. With this chart, you can compare the various plans and know which one suits your needs.

What does Medicare Supplement Insurance cover?

If you understand what Medicare Supplement covers, then you are on your way to selecting the best plan. In a jiffy, we shall provide you with relevant information about how to combine a Supplement plan and Traditional Medicare.

Firstly, let’s take a look at some of the reasons seniors enroll for a plan.

Professional Nursing Care

With Medicare Supplement plans for 2021, you are assured that your coinsurance fees that arise when you engage a skilled nurse. Most of the supplement plans often add these expenses to ease your stress.

Hospice Coinsurance

A lot of the supplement plans cover hospice when the need arises. Therefore, you don’t need to make out of pocket expenses when this part of your plan.

Excess charges

Most times, a visit to the doctor or clinic may run into excess charges. Medicare Supplement covers most of these excess charges. Nonetheless, not all the supplement plans cover excess charges.

Foreign Travel Transportation

With a supplement plan, expenses made from medical emergencies in other countries will be covered. The Supplement plan usually covers 80% of the expenses incurred when you embark on a medical trip in other countries. This offer will be beneficial to people who want to travel the world after retirement. As a matter of fact, it covers $ 50,000-lifetime coverage.


Medicare Part A and Part B usually have a yearly deductible that must be fulfilled to activate other benefits. Meanwhile, if you have a Medicare Supplement plan, it will help you cover Part A deductibles. This runs into the tune of $1,400 yearly. Nevertheless, only Plan F covers Part B deductibles. Consequently, new enrolment is not allowed just renewals are permitted.


Usually, Traditional Medicare only covers blood that you need for surgery or transfusion. However, 3 pints of blood annually are not covered. That’s where a Supplement plan comes in handy. This plan will help you cover these expenses.


With traditional Medicare, you have to copay for some of the expenses whenever you visit a doctor. But a Supplement plan can help you cover such costs.

Cost Comparison For 2021

We will also take a look at what Plan F covers. Before now, Plan F was the most commonly sought plan for various reasons.

Plan F

For so many years Plan F is considered the most comprehensive plan. The reason is simple because it has several benefits that other plans don’t cover. Meanwhile, Medicare has not changed the benefits for a long time. The fact that it was de-listed a while ago will not also change that. Furthermore, Plan F has the highest premium. This is so because it covers more expenses than other plans.

High Deductible Plan F

This version of Plan F offers the same coverage but the monthly premium is lower. The trade-off has a higher deductible and you need to spend out of pocket to get the benefits. So, the onus is on you to decide whether the higher deductible is worth it.

Plan G

Plan G has taken over from Plan F. It is currently the most sought after the plan. It also covers most of them out of pocket cost compared to other plans. However, the downside of this plan is that it doesn’t cover Part B deductibles of $198. This cost has to be paid to activate this plan.

Plan N

From our findings, this is the 3rd most popular plan. This plan covers most of the medical cost. You will have to make some out of pocket expenses. Nevertheless, the out of pocket expenses are for minor things like co-payments and excess charges. The Part B deductibles are there too but the premium is lower. Therefore, those who want a high coverage with lower premiums can go for Plan N. So that’s why you need to glance through the Medicare Supplement Plans Cost Comparison Chart for 2021.

If you are interested in other less expensive plans, you can take a look at our website. We have provided a comprehensive list of other lower plans. We are aware that most seniors are looking for plans that will help cover extra expenses. Since you may not need all the benefits offered by a high coverage plan, the future is unpredictable. It may become useful when you least expect it. With such coverage, you are sure of peace of mind.

One of the tricks to get the best plan is to put into consideration more than your basic needs. Most insurance companies often add plans with additional benefits that enhance the value of their services. If you subscribe to these extra benefits, it will eventually outweigh spending more on premiums. For instance, other benefits that may be added include free gym membership and personalized diet.

How to compare various rates?

They are various ways to compare prices. Comparing the high coverage plans against the low coverage plans is one of the most used patterns to compare plans. However, the best way is to use a Medicare Supplement Plan Cost Comparison Chart for 2021.

In case you didn’t know, comparison services are offered by free search tools. This allows seniors to compare and contrast various plans with ease. To start searching, simply provide your zip code. Upon inserting the zip code, our website will show you a list of the top insurance companies and their current prices for your region.

In fact, this is the fastest way to compare plans without too much hassle. This way, you can find the plan that is within your budget. Without this method, then you will have to call every insurance company to find out their current quotes. Not to mention, the search is free, no extra fees are charged. The insurance company provides the quotes.

They are two factors that you must consider before you choose a plan. They are your health condition and your financial status. A critical look at these two factors will help you know exactly the type of plan that will suit you. Also, don’t forget that the rates often increase most times. So, you need to be abreast with the current quotes all the time.

A quick reminder, you can use our comparison tool as many times as possible without any extra fees. In most cases, the quotes offered by a company may change after an hour. So always keep yourself updated with current quotes. After going through the Medicare Supplement Plan Cost Comparison Chart for 2021, and there are some areas that are not clear, you can contact us. We are in business to assist you and provide you with answers concerning the best insurance plans.